Dr. Groundhog App


                                                Multi-dimensional analysis of
                                                patients’ data based on OrigiMed’s unique
                                                AI analysis system and its database. It facilitates further scientific researches.


                                                Allows online management of patients by using fragmented time and generate appropriate salary.


                                                Covers multiple services including clinical management, scientific research aspects, as well as self-improvement contents.

                                                Highly efficient

                                                Allows patients and projects
                                                management in a systemic,
                                                intellectual and through approach.


                                                Utilises fragmented time on patient
                                                consultation and online learning.


                                                Our physician assistants provide
                                                support and individualised consultations throughout the whole course.

                                                Smart assistant facilitates data mining and information searching

                                                • ? Visualized analysis of patient’s data
                                                • ? Comprehensive information on prevalent alterations
                                                • ? One-click to search core genes
                                                • ? Flick through news about clinical trials
                                                • ? Quick search for targeted and immunotherapy drugs

                                                Well management and professional assistant facilitate precision practice all the way

                                                • ? Read electronic reports online
                                                • ? Manage patient’s medical record
                                                • ? Follow up progress of scientific projects
                                                • ? Analysis NGS report online
                                                • ? Structured demonstration of patients follow-up

                                                A learning platform for long-term self-improvement in precision medicine

                                                • ? The latest publications in authoritative journals and the analysis
                                                • ? One-click search for NGS information to get answers to clinical questions
                                                • ? Academic video by experts in OrigiMed Summit
                                                • ? News of academic world for keeping up with the latest oncology trend